What Should I Create?

Realizing that we create our world is exciting and it’s easy to get so worked up that we try to change everything in our lives. I want a new house. I want a new car. I want a new…. Then there’s the other side of the coin: I know I have the ability to create, but what am I supposed to create?

With the first reaction, creating a bunch of things for the sake of having something different, usually comes frustration. Frustration because the things we want don’t come about, or because we create something and we find it’s not really what we wanted at all. The second reaction is frustrating because we understand that we are creators, but we don’t really know what to ask for.

The ability we have is very powerful. But we must know the proper way to use it. The ego simply wants more and more and more, without really caring what it is. When we bring things about in this way, we get a lot of stuff, but we are never really content with it. How do we know what to create, then?

The first thing we do is look at our intention. Our Source is love. If our intention is anything other than love, we will create erroneously because we will not understand what the Source is guiding us to create. We can make a bunch of stuff this way, but this is not creation.

Our Source is peace. We must do everything possible to continuously be one with Peace so that we can understand when we receive guidance. Then we must have faith in our Source that the guidance we receive is true and then proceed.

The reality is that we are co-creators. This means we, as humans, create with the Source. We can make stuff on our own, but it will have no lasting value. To be a co-creator means that we make every effort to be like the Source, who is love and peace. To be a co-creator means that we understand when we are receiving guidance and we act. This might mean something seemingly insignificant, such as turning left at the next intersection instead of going straight. Or it might be something as grand as knowing the exact career path to take. Either way, it is commitment to listening and proceeding rather than wanting and making.

This is the same as the Hebrew and Christian teachings of the greatest commandment: “Love the Lord your God with all your heart, soul, mind and strength. And love your neighbor as yourself.” It doesn’t matter if there is a religious connotation or not. The effect is the same. The effort is what counts.

This doesn’t necessarily mean that you can’t do what you want. It is possible that the desire you have had to be a teacher or race car driver or world traveler has been valid all along. As co-creators, we can realize our dreams in a way that we will enjoy them to the fullest and benefit others at the same time. Co-creating doesn’t mean thwarting what we want to do and be, it means doing it in the best way possible.

Total commitment is required. The commitment to allow Love to create through us. Only then can we hear the voice that leads us to know what to do and what to create. Peace is a prerequisite. As long as we are tossed about by the waves of the world around us, it will be difficult to discern the voice within. When peace and love are our intention, our reality, we will know what to create. We will be confident that what is created will be perfect and that it will come about with perfect timing.

Our True Desire

Many believe that life is about getting what we want. The truth is, it is! However, nearly everyone has failed to remember what it is we truly desire. I can remember desiring very deeply to play drums. I played drums all the time. I lived drumming. After a while, I played drums in variety of bands in many different places. It was all I had ever desired. Except for one thing.

After I had been playing for a while I became more interested in people thinking I was cool. It was about impressing people and getting what I could get out of it. And it was not fulfilling, as it had been before. Being a musician had become just another ego outlet. I was attempting to become “King Larry” via music. It wasn’t long after that that I gave up playing drums completely.

There was absolutely nothing wrong with being a musician. For the most part our outlets are neutral. The problem is that I had expected fulfillment from my profession. When it didn’t happen, the ego looked for more and more selfish ways to bring it about. Over time I had come to expect my outlet, music, to provide me with happiness. Why didn’t my dream life bring me joy? If this didn’t make me happy what would?

Love. What I was really looking for was love. Not a love relationship with another person, though. A love relationship with everyone! I was not serving others with my abilities, I was serving myself. What I had forgotten, what most of us have forgotten, is that our greatest desire is love. We continue to look outside ourselves for something that will complete us, not realizing we are already complete.

We live from the inside out. Our Source is love. That source, God, if you wish, is pure love, and we as humans are vessels for that love to flow through. We are able to live in relationship in order to be a physical manifestation of our Source. That is the reason we are here. That is the reason the universe was created. What is outside us can never be fulfilling because it is an effect. It is only when the cause is love that joy will follow.

Playing drums could have been very fulfilling if I had served others with an attitude of love. Sometimes I regret frittering away my dream career. I can’t go back because the desire is gone. I believe my desire to play drums came “from above”. It came from within. It was decades later that I would realize being a musician wasn’t the greatest desire. It was merely a vehicle for love. It was a way for me to give to others. Love is our greatest desire. Being loving people, being Love, is what all of us really want. But we’ve let the drumming go to our heads. We’ve believed that it is the source of our joy. Deep inside us all, something is trying to remind us what we really want. I hope we’re listening.

Do What You Want To Do!

Some who realize we have power to create believe that it’s selfish to do what we want to do. I know so many people who resist doing what they really want to do, and are able to do well because they believe it is selfish. They have obvious talent and abilities in certain areas, but they think there is too much competition or they don’t want doing what they enjoy to end up feeling like work. Some want to live in a certain place or travel but don’t think they are able or they believe they are stuck where they are. Know This: it is possible to do what we want to do in a way that is loving and giving and does not feel like drudgery or work.

The reality is, not doing what we desire to do is far more selfish. Where do our desires come from? As human form, we are neutral. We didn’t create our proclivities! They come from our Source. Why would our Creator give us the desire to do and be certain things if doing them would be selfish? Doing what we want to do is the most self-LESS thing we can do.

If you have an obvious talent for art, BE AN ARTIST! If you want to live in Hawaii, see yourself being there and make your plans to go. There is something there for you that makes it the best place for you to be! You don’t need to know why. This world is full of people who will tell you you can’t. Don’t listen! WE are creators. We bring about our situations. We can create in love and unity with Source, or we can back down and believe the naysayers or our own mistaken doubts.

God is creating through us. What could our talents and desires possibly be but him wanting to do specific things through us? To believe anything different is ignorant and/or cowardly. To do anything different is to slap the hand of God as though we know better. Faith is believing that God is taking care of everything. It is also believing that we should do whatever it is we deeply feel we should do…AND DOING IT!

We Made Fear

In the image of the Creator, we ourselves are here to create. The fact that most are not aware of this means that we are not very deliberate in what we create. But, whether we know it or not, we are still creating. We don’t understand that the reality we appear to be a slave to is, in fact, the reality that we have made. What most create is fear and lack. Included in these are poverty and sickness.

At one point in the history of this world, people understood that there was unity with the Creator and beautiful, loving creations abounded. Over time, the thought of fear crept in. The beauty of free will is being able to create whatever you like. The downfall is being able to believe something that is not true. In this case, that we have somehow become separate from God and others. Free will made it possible to believe that what is created is somehow more than an illusion, and ideas of evil, poverty, sickness and death crept in. We began to believe that we are less than what we were created to be.

This belief in the possibility of separation became certainty within most of humanity and with it the belief that we could be harmed. In the present day, separation is the accepted belief system. The whole world behaves as if everything happens by chance and that we should be afraid of what might happen to us. All of this came about because of the small idea that we might be separate from God. A stream of erroneous “what ifs” followed and we are where we are today: in a world of suffering that is completely unnecessary.

God did not create pain. God did not create death. God did not create sickness. We did. We have the freedom and power to create whatever we want. Not understanding this, we have made a world of sadness and hurry. We have believed in separation and decided we would continue to create separation.

Separation does not exist. Evil does not exist. We made them. We can’t blame God for them. Humanity believed fear might be possible and in doing so, brought it about. We did a brilliant job of creating fear and pain because we are creators. Once these ideas gained momentum, they proliferated until the idea of fear abounded worldwide.

We can just as easily create love and abundance. We simply don’t realize we have this ability. This might sound simplistic, but it’s not too different than coming up with our own little worlds in our imagination when we are children. But we get to do it on a much larger scale. What we believe, what we think about, what we intend, becomes our world. We have the choice to believe whatever we like, but as long as we believe in pain and hatred, we will have pain and hatred. As long as we think we have too little of anything or everything, we will feel lacking and incomplete. When we decide for love and peace, we will have them instead. And we will realize this world is not so heavy, but is simply a place where we have been given the opportunity to create whatever we want to create, and to enjoy what we, with the abilities given us by the creative force of the universe, have brought about.


It is definitely possible for us to create our world, but in order to enjoy our creation, we must remain in the present moment. While we are in the process of creating, especially when just starting out, we are apt only to look forward to what we desire rather than enjoying what we have already created. That’s understandable when what we have made is the result of lack and fear. However, wanting what we are creating to be here now and for our current situation to be different than it is is also fear. It is perhaps the greatest, most subtle fear: the fear of the present moment.

This moment and everything about our reality is already perfect. It is perfect because we are unified with the Creator. Fear exists because we fail to remember that. Fear is simply the belief that we are separate from our true source. Wanting something now that does not yet exist is futile. As humans steeped in the belief in separation, there is hope for a brighter future. Belief in separation, however, continues to create the same suffering and lack that has previously been experienced.

On the other hand, people who realize they can create the world of their choosing often become impatient because it hasn’t happened yet. This is also fear because the focus is on the outside. Weighing 50 pounds less will not bring happiness. Having a certain job or living in a certain place cannot bring fulfillment. It is fine and well to bring these about but the joy we search for can only happen in the present moment. To believe that happiness lives where these are realities is no more enlightened that not yet knowing our power to create.

Peace and fulfillment can only come from within. To create before realizing Unity is getting the cart before the horse. Our greatest desire is love. Love is here this very moment. We don’t have to die or cross the ocean to find it. It is always within us. Connection with the Creator is the foundation and starting point. Creating is secondary. Without the connection we will continue to bring about the same petty situations we have made in the past because we have hushed the voice that helps us know what to create.

I have been impatient. As a result, I have been short with others and I have missed the beauty of the present moment. I am excited about projects that I am involved in, but I know that what is most important is to strengthen the connection with my Source, and to enjoy the peace and love that is the result. What is created as a result is merely icing on the cake!

Swimming Upstream

As creators, as the creation, as people who live their lives for love, it often feels as though we are swimming upstream. It is difficult to find others who are on the path to wholeness who we can share and interact with.

The main reason is because this world of illusion is so convincing that it is very difficult to understand that we should be living from the inside out. We begin with love and the fullness of our Source and with that source, we create reality. But because what has been created is so powerful, and seems to be so real, we believe that we must change it. So that is what the vast majority does.

For thousands and thousands of years humanity has looked for fulfillment from what is without. Some, though, have realized that what is without is what has been created by previous generations. These have understood that true change happens from within. To try to change what is already in existence is like replaying a recording of a football game and expecting a different outcome.

Sometimes those who have realized this can feel like they are the only ones. Especially those who are just beginning to change to an “inside-out” way of living. This is simply an encouragement. As we continue to create with love and positivity, we will draw to ourselves others who create in the same way. For a while, though, it may seem as if we are alone. Although we are not tested by the Creator, we can consider this a time of testing. In this time we will discover our true level of commitment. As we press on, we will be joined by others.

It may be many generations before we are in the majority, but for now, we will continue to create an oasis in the desert. As we gain momentum with our own creative ability, we grow confident of who we are and what we can do. Even if it seems that we are alone, we understand that darkness can never overcome the light. We have power unknown to the world of illusion. We can create beauty where it seems impossible.

Failure Is Not Possible

Life does not have to be difficult. We choose to make it that way. Deep inside we know that everything will be okay and that we don’t need to worry, but we have been taught to worry, so that is what we do.

We have very little control over what happens. When we believe we are a self separate from our Creator, we decide that we have become the creator and that we need to manufacture success. That leads to the possibility of failure. That leads to fear, which leads to worry. Many play this game of “succeed or fail” their whole lives. It is where many derive excitement and meaning in life. But we know that the successes are never as fulfilling as we believed they would be.

We cannot be separate from our Creator, but we can believe we are. This belief always leads to the cycle of frustration that is inevitable when we believe we must do the creating. Failure is only possible when we believe that we have replaced the Creator.

We know that everything will work out. We have seen it throughout our lives. In reality, success has no opposite. The idea of failure is something we have made. It is not real. When we realize unity and allow everything to be as it is, there is only success. There can be nothing else.

Experience (Without Wanting It To Be Different)

Living in the present moment with no judgments. This is everything. Let every moment come. Don’t judge it, simply allow it. Don’t try to make it different.

Give your best effort and care not about outcome. Simply watch and experience. Don’t try and do two things at once. Do what you are doing. If you must switch your attention, switch it, but give full attention to the single thing you are doing.

Don’t judge what you are doing as good or bad. We always want the next thing until we get to the best thing until we realize the only thing is now. Now is the best thing if we give it our full attention. We get to the point where we do not yearn for something better or wish it would not go away. We get to where we welcome each moment for what it contains. In this is bliss. In this is perfection. In this is true joy.

To see everything as it is, without wanting it to be different is the goal. That goal is not something that is off in the future. Doing this is possible this very moment.


The importance of being aware and paying attention to the present moment cannot be overemphasized. This is the goal in life. Whatever you are feeling or experiencing at this very moment is all that matters. There is no judgement of good or bad. There is no sense in attempting to try to hold on to good feelings or make bad ones go away. Paying attention to what is happening and experiencing what “is” is the point.
This is where salvation lies…where nirvana is. This moment is the only time that exists. What happened before is immaterial. What will happen cannot possibly be discerned. Now is everything. If we truly want an answer to the question “Who Am I,” the answer lies in the present moment alone.

This Meaningless World

For Americans, this week might mark the deepest level of insanity possible for humanity. People will get in a frenzy attempting to get to a destination in time to be with people they may or may not like in order to fret over making a meal that is just perfect, only to eat way more than their stomachs can accommodate. Some of those will get caught up in a game or two, only to rejoice with victory or agonize in defeat. After sleeping a couple of hours, many will make their way to stores in the evening or the middle of the night to buy more crap to pile on top of the loads of crap they already have. There will be rushing around to get to the vendor they believe they can gouge the most for savings, then on to the others, whose deals might not be quite as good. There will be anger and elation as the stuff fills the crevices of their latest model vehicles. Then home to catch up on the sleep lost from saving money. By Sunday it’s time for the arduous journey back to where they came from. Then back to work to earn the money for the crap that will be purchased over the next three weeks. This, ladies and gentlemen, is the domain of the ego.

It is the roller coaster ride called life. This is the meaninglessness the ego touts as important. We are told to cherish these, the times of our lives. In reality, these special times are no different from other weeks of the year, only intensified. These are still weeks where we believe that our jobs and vehicles and positions and houses and hobbies and stuff are important. In those weeks, as well, we are embedded in the world of suffering.

How often do we step back from this lifestyle and realize how stupid it is? If we use the logical mind, we cannot come to any other conclusion. We yearn for high-paying jobs so we can buy high-priced stuff that we believe will bring us happiness. It never has. We are insane to continue to expect it to. So why do we keep doing it? Because it’s all we know. Everyone is doing it, so it must be right. The reality is that everyone that’s doing it is suffering.

I’ll borrow a phrase from A Course In Miracles: “I could see peace instead of this.” The world that seems to exist outside us is the product of the ego. Therefore, it can only be insane. Our true nature is peace. It’s just that it’s been so long since we’ve experienced it that we’ve forgotten. The world of the senses is very convincing, very powerful. It’s no wonder we keep getting pulled back into it. But it is not reality. Since we are temporarily in this world, we must abide by many of its rules: we have to eat, sleep, defecate, breathe, etc. But that doesn’t mean we have to buy into the insanity. We can choose peace instead.

The road to peace is not easy. It requires total commitment. I used to believe that everyone was looking for peace. I now understand that those of us in this world are here because we wanted separation. We made this world so that we could be separate from peace, as odd as it sounds. It is against our ego-nature to seek peace, so, the way back is a struggle. But peace is always there. It is always available to us. This world of illusion has an enormous pull on us. It is what we believe we wanted, so giving it up is not easy.

But it can be done. Ironically, the next holiday after this was originally about overcoming the world of insanity by re-discovering the peace that is our true nature. It doesn’t really mean that anymore, but for a few, it did mean that at one time. So we now, as always, have a decision to make. We can continue through the season of holiday madness in the same manner we always have, or we can step back and see the meaninglessness and decide for something better. Something lasting. Something everlasting.


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