Getting Or Receiving?

giving_receivingThis morning I realized that our happiness, joy, contentment, etc. can only come from within. I “knew” this before, but it just hit me that what is outside cannot be a source of joy. We can enjoy what is outside us: our bodies, nature, hobbies, relationships (tricky here); but these can never bring us any amount of lasting happiness whatsoever.

The opposite is also true; what is without cannot take true happiness away from us. Our joy is in being unified with our source. This is peace and this is love. Peace or equanimity are only possible when we look within. Oddly, the peace within must be sought out and discovered to provide the foundation for happiness.

We feel love and compassion, but we also do love. We exist in relationship in order to create. Extending love is our way of creating. As humans, if we do not extend love we will not be happy. Extending love is our existence.

This gets a little tricky because we receive by giving. The opposite is also true: we give by receiving. When we become one with our source, we switch from being “getters” to becoming “receivers”. We might have any range of temporary emotions when we get something for ourselves. But when we receive, we do so with gratitude and humility. Getting is attempting to find happiness outside ourselves. Receiving is what happens when we realize happiness can only be found within.

We often look to relationships with others to bring us happiness. This is using others for what we can get for ourselves. However, when we are one with our source, we experience giving and receiving in relationships. They might seem one-sided, as though we are doing all the giving, but we receive by doing so. When love is extended to us from others we receive also; and this receiving is also giving. When this takes place, we are joining with others and experiencing the unity that we have always had.


We Are Consciousness

We are consciousness. We are the physical manifestation of the source of all that is. In this world, we are able to experience the phenomenon of separation in order to experience the attributes of our source. We might call this source the universe, our original self, God, Allah, the creator, etc. What we call her/him/it does not really matter.

The creative force is everythingness. It is everything, without separation. It is a unified spiritual whole. The unified nature of this creative force is without experience. Experience is impossible because it is subject without object. It is one and there is nothing else. That’s where we come in.creation

We: humans, flora, fauna, etc., are the possibility for the creative force to be experienced. It seems as though we are separate from one another, but this is really an illusion. We are simply the Creative Force experiencing consciousness. This is the whole of our reason for existence. We feel like we are separate because it looks like we are. We have bodies. My body is different and separate from your body. In truth, our bodies or forms are simply devices that make it possible to experience the grandeur of the creative force that is our true self.

These bodies make it possible to see and experience our source’s creative ability. We are also able to create in a similar way. The way we create is by extending ourselves in love to one another. This is the reason for our existence. It has nothing to do with getting, but everything to do with giving and receiving. This is why “getting” has never gotten us anything.

We have gone a long way from experiencing the peace and love that we really are. But really, it’s not that far. We can return to our creative self with a simple decision to remember Who we really are. We have been tricked by what appears to be outside us. But what is without is just a reflection of our thoughts. We have gone off-course by believing that what is apparently outside of us is reality. We suffer because we do not create as we were intended to. We have also gone astray believing we are “separate from God”. This is an impossible notion because, in truth, we are the creative force and the creation both at the same time.

When we remember that we are peace and love, then what is without is a gift to be enjoyed in its time, and nothing else. When we know that we are the consciousness of God, we revel in our greatness and see illusion for what it really is.

Changing Our Viewpoint

glassesOne of the biggest steps that can be taken is to realize our happiness comes from within rather than without. The reality that what is without, though it seems hectic and chaotic, is neutral. What we see happening seems good or bad. We especially tend to focus on what we believe is bad that is going on in the world. However, any judgment on the outside world is based fully on belief systems we have made. These belief systems confine us to judgment of a world that is not real. We end up making ourselves miserable because we can only see what is “wrong” with the world. Anything we perceive to be wrong is simply something that doesn’t line up with our beliefs.

Love is the only reality. Peace is the foundation. These can only be experienced within. As long as we look for anything to provide these from without we will be disappointed. Contrary to popular belief, joy cannot come from jobs, relationships, fame or money. This is the illusion that has sidetracked us since the beginning. Attempting to change what is without is futile. Belief that what is without will bring us what we really desire is erroneous.

Our basic reality is peace, love, and joy. This does not change. We don’t realize this because we have become so outward-focused. We can always return to reality by changing our focus back to what is inside. We can decide to pay attention to what we are thinking and feeling and to challenge (not deny) those things that disrupt our peace. Our focus is on what is happening within because that is where our peace lies. We can accept anything that seems to happen outside of us because we know that these phenomena are fleeting.

We can choose to return to the peace and love within at any time. It is important to understand that this change in viewpoint from without to within is possible. It is all that is necessary. The peace that we really are is always within us. True, lasting joy awaits.

Mind Empty And Ready

Empty-BucketThere are no preconceived notions. As we face each moment, we are ready for what it might bring. We are not “selves”, so there is nothing to protect or defend. We observe and allow, allow and observe. When something is over, it is over and there is no need to revisit it.

Our “selves” are our preconceived notions: belief systems, biases, preferences, proclivities, fears, divisions. These unskillful ideas are the result of our belief in separation. Unity is our reality. Ignorance causes us to believe that our reality is separation to the degree that unity seems foreign. Unity is emptiness. Unity allows each moment to appear and pass without judgment, without hope, without fear. We simply pay attention to this moment. This is life.